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Huge differences in tax treatment for the top 0.1%
Quote:It's worth highlighting just how big the divides are between the Democrats and the Republicans, as well as between the two Democratic candidates. Sanders's plan is, unsurprisingly, the most aggressive toward the superrich. If his plan were approved, President Sanders would raise taxes for each household in the top 0.1 percent by an average of $3 million per household, according to the TPC. By contrast, President Ted Cruz would cut taxes on the richest of the rich by an average of $2 million per tax filer. Donald Trump's plan similarly calls for an average tax cut for the superrich by $1.3 million per family. "These are tectonic shifts in tax policy," TPC's analysis says.
Here’s how much each presidential candidate would raise — or cut — taxes for the superrich - Vox
Another way to dramatize the difference: Sanders's tax plan would, on average, raise the federal tax rate for the top 0.1 percent by 29.5 percentage points. Clinton's would raise it by around 5 percentage points.

[Image: taxes_01.png]

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