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Not nasty enough..
How about this for nasty..

Quote:Tuesday night, Andrea Jenkins became the first trans woman of color elected to a city’s governing body, winning a seat on the Minneapolis City Council. State Rep. Mary Franson responded Wednesday morning by tweeting, “A guy who thinks he’s a girl is still a guy with a mental health condition.” The tweet has since been deleted. 

Thursday night, Franson issued an “apology,” wherein she reiterated her belief that no one can change their gender and refused “to go along with fantasy and participate in it”

In a 2012 debate, she defended her opposition to marriage equality by explaining that she doesn’t believe homosexuality is “normal behavior” and she wanted to protect children from being taught to normalize it. Two years later, she opposed legislation to protect LGBTQ students from bullying because she deemed LGBT organizations to be “special interest groups” that were trying to impose “fascism” on schools.
A Minnesota lawmaker attacked a new transgender city council member. Her ‘apology’ was just as bad. – ThinkProgress

Yea, sticking up for minority rights is fascism...

Actually, attacking minorities that do no harm, like Jenkins is doing, that is much more akin to fascism..
Fighting to keep people getting healthcare with lies. How's that for nasty?

Quote:Imagine that expanding Medicaid coverage to tens of thousands of people somehow meant that hunting and fishing licenses would be more expensive. Fearing a price hike, hunters and fishermen would surely surge to the polls in off-year election to vote no on a Medicaid expansion ballot question. Which is why one of the ads unleashed by opponents of Maine’s Medicaid expansion voter initiative made that very—and very ridiculous—claim.

Maine’s Republican Governor, Paul LePage, pugnacious as usual, was the face of the anti-expansion campaign. He took to Maine’s influential talk radio programs to dial up his base, backed by a PAC called Welfare to Work launched by one of his former advisors in August to fight the Medicaid measure. The message? “Able-bodied people” looking “medical welfare” should get off their collective butts and get to work. Those scare tactics backfired. Mainers voted 59 percent to 41 percent to expand Medicaid, making Maine the first state to approve Medicaid expansion at the ballot box. Both the turnout and the margin of victory were higher than expected in a year with no candidate elections and just four voter initiatives on ballots statewide. How do you successfully counter misinformation on an issue as critical as health care? Mainers for Health Care, the statewide coalition that helped lead the successful yes campaign, countered the hunting and fishing license price hikes and other tall tales by relentlessly repeating a few salient data points. Medicaid expansion would create 6,000 new jobs and give the state a $500 million infusion of federal funding each year. Most importantly, the measure would provide health care to 70,000 Mainers.
How Maine’s Medicaid Expansion Campaign Got to Yes

70K people with healthcare translates in tens, perhaps hundreds less avoidable deaths, rising medical debts and bankruptcies. 

But that has to be fought at all cost, even with lies.


And the governor still doesn't want to implement it even after the election loss:

Quote:Surprising exactly no one, LePage has now pledged to not to implement the Medicaid expansion until the Legislature funds the state’s Medicaid match using the administration’s estimates of those costs (which are almost twice as high as the figures put forward by the nonpartisan budget office that provides analyses for state lawmakers).
How Maine’s Medicaid Expansion Campaign Got to Yes

Really nasty. A bad loser as well.

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