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All Trump's Men..
And then this..

Quote:President Donald Trump reportedly called Rep. Matt Gaetz Wednesday night. Gaetz, the Florida Republican who very publicly threatened Michael Cohen, told President Trump he was “happy to do it for you,” according to a reporter for The Atlantic. Gaetz, after a warning from Speaker Nancy Pelosi and massive outrage across the nation, apologized to Cohen for the threat, which many agree was designed to intimidate him just hours before his explosive testimony Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee..

Trump, who endorsed Gaetz, is believed to speak with him frequently. Dovere adds to his reporting that Trump called Gaetz “as he headed into his meetings” with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Trump was in Hanoi to broker a denuclearization deal. Talks ended quickly and abruptly, and for the second time there is no deal. Dovere’s report has not been confirmed by other news outlets.
‘I was happy to do it for you’: GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz overheard making admission to Trump about Cohen threat –
Quote:A court official accompanied by four police officers had to break into the home of Stephen Moore, Donald Trump’s pick for the Federal Reserve board, after he repeatedly failed to pay debts to his ex-wife. The group used a locksmith to force their way into Moore’s house in Virginia in May 2013, according to court filings. They were there to prepare the property for a court-ordered sale in order to raise $330,000 that Moore owed his ex-wife after their divorce. When the court official telephoned Moore on her way out to ask where she should leave the new key to his home, Moore “was very argumentative” and “denied that we were in his house”, the official, Kyle Skopic, said in a June 2013 motion. The court records were reopened to the public by a judge on Friday, in response to legal action by the Guardian and other media. They had been temporarily sealed this week following the publication of reports about Moore’s past financial and legal problems. Six days after the authorized break-in at his house, Moore made a long overdue payment of $150,000 to his ex-wife, Allison, the records show. She then asked the court to halt the action to sell Moore’s home. Democratic senators wrote to Moore requesting detailed information on his finances following the earlier reports. He is also being pursued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for $75,000 in taxes he is said to owe from 2014. Moore, 59, disputes the claim by the IRS and has described the reports on his legal issues as “vile and vicious and underhanded”.
Officials forced way in to Stephen Moore home after failure to pay ex-wife debts | US news | The Guardian
Quote:Carson — a former brain surgeon and Republican presidential candidate whom President Donald Trump nominated as his HUD secretary in 2017 despite his complete lack of relevant experience — tried to defend a budget proposal that would cut 16.4 percent from HUD’s budget. He was also questioned about a plan HUD announced last year to impose rent increases of as much as 150 percent on people who live in subsidized housing. But in trying to explain these proposals, Carson demonstrated a shocking level of condescension toward members of Congress, as well as a lack of familiarity with basic housing terminology.
Ben Carson’s first hearing before Maxine Waters’s committee was a mess - Vox

Only the best and the brightest..
Quote:The tweet comes after a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) revealed that Miller shared white nationalist content with right-wing news website Breitbart and worked to guide the outlet’s coverage. Hatewatch, a branch of the SPLC, reviewed more than 900 emails Miller sent to former Breitbart editor Katie McHugh between 2015 and 2016, finding that over 80 percent of the emails were about race or immigration. Among other things, Hatewatch said Miller shared content from white nationalist sites directly with McHugh to provide information for her reporting and sought to “create a narrative” regarding the removal of the Confederate flag after a shooting at an African American church in Charleston, South Carolina.
Ocasio-Cortez calls for Stephen Miller to resign over leaked emails | TheHill

  • Turns out Steven Miller is promulgating materials from white supremacist websites, who would have thought..
Quote:Attorney General William Barr on Tuesday offered stern criticism of the FBI over its investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016, disputing a Justice Department inspector general's report one day earlier and saying it is possible the bureau acted in “bad faith.” Barr in an interview with NBC News also elaborated on his disagreement with a key conclusion of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report that the investigation was justified, saying he doesn't believe the evidence backed up the steps that were taken.
Barr criticizes FBI, says it's possible agents acted in 'bad faith' in Trump probe | TheHill

Quote:But the most unbelievable line came when Barr attempted to cast the FBI’s surveillance of Trump campaign staff in 2016 as “the greatest danger to our free system” — because in his mind, that constituted the government abusing its powers to influence an election. Yes, really:
Quote:From a civil liberties standpoint, the greatest danger to our free system is that the incumbent government used the apparatus of the state, principally the law enforcement agencies and the intelligence agencies, both to spy on political opponents, but also to use them in a way that could affect the outcome of the election.
This is just not an accurate description of what happened in 2016. There is no credible evidence that the FBI investigation was an attempt to intervene in the election, which is a conspiracy theory that doesn’t even pass the most basic smell test. The existence of the Trump-Russia investigation wasn’t officially confirmed until March 2017 — and the most prominent leak during the campaign was pro-Trump, resulting in an iconically false New York Times headline: “Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia.” Why would the FBI keep its evidence against Trump secret until after the election, if it was trying to influence the outcome?

But setting aside the falsehoods, the sheer chutzpah of Barr’s comments is staggering. Again, according to Barr, “The greatest danger to our free system is that the incumbent government use the apparatus of the state ... in a way that could affect the outcome of the election.”
What president might be doing something like that, right now, and getting impeached for it?
FBI IG report: The shamelessness of Bill Barr - Vox
  • Bill Barr going against his own department's report, without any evidence to back it up
  • If anything, the 2016 election outcome was influenced in favor of Trump, not against him. Clinton's email investigation was opened 10 days before the election, and publicly so, while the Trump investigation was kept hidden from the electorate.
Quote:President Trump in an early morning tweet on Tuesday criticized FBI Director Christopher Wray, disagreeing with his characterization of a newly released Justice Department inspector general report. “I don’t know what report current Director of the FBI Christopher Wray was reading, but it sure wasn’t the one given to me,” Trump said, a day after the report’s release..

The report also found that agents who worked on the original Russian interference investigation were not motivated by political bias — undercutting a key talking point of the president and his Republican allies. Horowitz also said the investigation was adequately predicated.
Trump rebukes FBI chief Wray over inspector general's Russia inquiry | TheHill
  • And of course Trump rails against his own appointed FBI director defending the Horowitz report
  • Wray defended the report's conclusions against Barr and Trump
Quote:Secretary of State Mike Pompeo allegedly verbally harassed an NPR reporter for having the audacity to ask him about his leadership ... of the State Department. During a Friday interview with Pompeo on US policy toward Iran, All Things Considered host Mary Louise Kelly asked the secretary of state whether he owed an apology to Marie Yovanovitch. Yovanovitch is the former US ambassador to Ukraine who was subjected to a smear campaign led by Rudy Giuliani and was unceremoniously removed from her post in April, bringing an abrupt end to her 33-year career as a foreign service officer.
Why a question about Ukraine sent Mike Pompeo into a rage - Vox

And of course Pompeo lied:

Quote:Among his claims: Kelly had agreed to limit questions only to Iran and was not supposed to ask about anything Ukraine-related. It turns out, because we’ve heard this song before, that Mike Pompeo was lying through his teeth on that one and The Washington Post was quickly given proof. Once again, Pompeo has used his State Department to lie to the American people.

The Washington Post obtained the email exchanges between NPR and Mike Pompeo’s staff. They show that Kelly specifically did not agree to Pompeo’s conditions, and specifically said she would also be asking questions about “Ukraine.” “I never agree to take anything off the table,” Kelly wrote in one email.

Pompeo’s office pushed back, asking at least that Iran be the topic for “a healthy portion of the interview,” once again signaling Pompeo’s months-long aversion to answering any questions whatsoever about the impeachment-causing scandal he is buried in up to his ex-House Republican eyebrows. But Kelly gave only the assurance that her “plan” was to spend a “healthy portion” on Iran, with no promise that other subjects wouldn’t come up.
Mike Pompeo lied about NPR interview with Mary Louise Kelly. Here’s the proof –
Quote:Giuliani has also speculated that the spread of the coronavirus may be a plot by the Chinese government.
For example, Giuliani has raised the possibility that China purposely released the virus from a biological lab in Wuhan. “We have to say accidentally,” Giuliani said in a recent radio broadcast. “But I don’t think as responsible investigators we can rule out that it wasn’t done deliberately.”

Experts say there’s no public evidence the virus came from the lab. Amid a reported White House push, U.S. intelligence agencies have said they are investigating the origins of the virus. Giuliani is also fixated on the idea that the Chinese government sent sick people overseas. In an April 27 episode of his podcast, he said that China allowed “over a million people from Wuhan travel to us, to the United States, to England to France to Italy to Germany.” He added, “I hope the people there have the same reaction we have to the value of human life and the loss of human life.”
The Bigoted, Conspiratorial Rants of Rudy Giuliani’s… — ProPublica
Quote:A new Trump appointee to the United States’ foreign aid agency has a history of online posts denouncing liberal democracy and has said that the country is in the clutches of a “homo-empire” that pushes a “tyrannical LGBT agenda.” In one post, Merritt Corrigan, who recently took up a position as deputy White House liaison at the U.S. Agency for International Development, wrote: “Liberal democracy is little more than a front for the war being waged against us by those who fundamentally despise not only our way of life, but life itself.” Corrigan’s new position in the Trump administration, confirmed by two officials, has not been previously reported. Corrigan previously worked for the Hungarian Embassy in the United States and tweeted that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is “the shining champion of Western civilization,” Politico reported last year. An embassy spokesman, Béla Gedeon, said Corrigan left her position there in mid-April.
New Trump appointee to foreign aid agency has denounced liberal democracy and ‘our homo-empire’ –
Quote:Sanders has remained loyal to the president; instead, she directs barbs at the former national security adviser John Bolton, who most certainly has not. In an extract of her book given to the politics site Axios, she describes Bolton as being “drunk on power” and forgetting that “nobody elected him to anything”. It is a shame Sanders has written a memoir, because she has a talent for fiction. During her two-year tenure as press secretary, Sanders proved herself a smooth and shameless liar. She maintained a straight face while arguing that Trump, who has repeatedly glorified violence, had never encouraged violence against anyone. She claimed that Trump’s firing of the FBI director, James Comey, had support from “countless members of the FBI”, before admitting under oath that this statement “was not founded on anything”. When Sanders was not spouting outrageous untruths, she did not seem to know what to do with herself. Daily media addresses were the norm before her reign; she killed them off and set a White House record when she went 94 days without holding a proper press briefing. In short, she collected a taxpayer-funded salary while openly holding taxpayers in contempt..
Sarah Sanders lied again and again for Trump. Now she’s got her teeth into John Bolton | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion | The Guardian

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