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The party of law and order
It's actually a curious campaign theme, when Trump posed as the law and order candidate in his acceptance speech. Consider the following:
  • Trump lambasted a US judge (on the grounds that he was from Mexican descent!) for being biased in the case against Trump University
  • Trump lambasted Comey, the Republican(!) prosecutor who argued there are no sufficient grounds to indict Hillary for her private email server, arguing Comey is part of a cover-up (one might assess these claims here)
  • Trump lambasted the Baltimore prosecutor who indicted police in the Freddy Gray case, arguing she should prosecute herself
See the pattern? Trump is all law and order, as long as he agrees with the decisions taken. If they go against him, he doesn't hesitate to utter racist remarks (the Mexican judge), or stuff that's clearly conspiracy nonsense (Comey), only for people simply doing their job, like the Baltimore prosecutors. It's what prosecutors do, they prosecute. 

It isn't exactly that there were no grounds whatsoever, Freddie Gray died in the back of a police van, he was handcuffed, without seat-belt and (repeatedly) denied medical help.
And of course, inciting a foreign (and pretty hostile) power to hack the servers of a presidential candidate (even if it might not be illegal) is dubious enough for just about everybody (including his VP candidate) to distance themselves from that.

Quote:Republicans used to claim to favor the rule of law. Yet what happened when a Republican candidate for Congress in Montana was accused of body-slamming a reporter and cited for misdemeanor assault?
The conservative commentator Laura Ingraham wanted to know why he went crying to the police.
"Did anyone get his lunch money stolen today and then run to tell the recess monitor?" she tweeted.

Of course, this is what the police are for: They investigate crimes and enforce laws, so we don't have to get into physical altercations with Republican candidates who really don't want to discuss the Congressional Budget Office's score for the Republican healthcare bill.

Calling the police when a man grabs you by the throat and slams you to the floor, as witnesses have described — while you and he are both at work and he is a candidate for Congress — is what an adult does in a civilized society.
The Gianforte body-slam and how the GOP is stuck in a high-school mindset - Business Insider

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