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May 2018
Roger Stone lying?? Who would have guessed..

Quote:During a CNN interview on Monday, longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone attempted to downplay the notion that a tweet he posted in August 2016 about how it would soon be “Podesta’s time in the barrel” indicated he had foreknowledge that emails stolen from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman would be published by WikiLeaks. “As far as John Podesta is concerned, my tweet says, ‘the Podestas,’ ‘the Podestas’ — not apostrophe S, meaning John and Tony, referring to the [brothers],” Stone said. “Is that true? I thought it was apostrophe S,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo replied. “No,” Stone insisted. Then Cuomo displayed an image of the tweet Stone was reading.
Roger Stone gets caught in blatant lie on CNN, doesn’t miss a beat – ThinkProgress
One should read this article about the unhinged Twitter history of Roseanne Barr. You'll literally won't believe it, it looks like a person with severe psychological problems so we shouldn't surprised what happened today..

Quote:Over the years, her language and ideas have weaved through all kinds of dark and bizarre territory. It’s not exactly consistent, either; it swings across the political spectrum, unified only by its extremity. She promoted Pizzagate. She believes 9/11 was an inside job. She flags vaccine conspiracy theories. She called Israel a “Nazi state” in 2009 and promoted a Holocaust-denying musician in 2013. Then she turned around and became a massive supporter of Israel (and a rabid opponent of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement). All of this she fired off to her half a million followers on Twitter, many eager to retweet her (including the president’s son).
Roseanne’s Twitter: full of racism and conspiracy theories for a decade. - Vox

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