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The snowflake party..
Quote:CNN commentator and GOP strategist Ana Navarro slammed critics of comedian Michelle Wolf's routine at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, claiming they are acting like “snowflakes.” “Seems some [people] usually offended at lies & attacks on the media by Trump WH, today are offended a comedienne publicly calling out Trump WH on their lies & attacks on the media,” Navarro, a frequent critic of President Trump, tweeted Sunday. “But hey, fortunately in the Trump era, only politically-correct 'snowflakes' should care about feelings,” she added, attaching a photo of a pair of Trump supporters wearing shirts that read “Trump 2016 F--- Your Feelings.”
Ana Navarro slams critics of Michelle Wolf for acting like ‘snowflakes’ | TheHill

Quote:Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough knocked those who criticized comedian Michelle Wolf for her routine at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner for failing to defend his cohost and fiancée Mika Brzezinski when President Trump attacked her appearance and intelligence. “Really, Mika, the criticism from Trump supporters is rich," Scarborough said Monday. "I must say, there were quite a few people that I’ve known and I’ve considered friends for some time saying they were shocked and stunned and deeply saddened and they were so shocked by the personal insults that they left early.”
Scarborough: People slamming Michelle Wolf 'didn't call me up' when Trump attacked my fiancée | TheHill

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