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Not nasty enough..
The Nasty Party indeed:

Quote:Under Attorney General Jeff Sessions' new "zero-tolerance" immigration policy, everyone who attempts to cross the border — even those seeking asylum — are being prosecuted. Because of the way that policy is enforced, almost 2,000 children have been separated from their parents in six weeks. Experts, mental health groups, and human rights organizations all say this could cause serious, lasting harm to children and their parents. Here's how forced family separation affects people for the rest of their lives.

Babies ripped from parents' arms. Tent citiesMass trialsSuicides. Reports about what's happening to children and families who arrive at the US-Mexico border have shocked many, from White House reporters to conservative religious leaders. A Honduran woman told attorneys that her daughter was pulled from her as she was breastfeeding. After being separated from his wife and 3-year-old son, a Honduran man took his own life in a Texas jail cell.

Colleen Kraft, the president of the American Academy for Pediatrics, recently described seeing a blotchy-faced toddler sobbing and pounding on a playmat, terrified because she'd been forcibly separated from her mother. "We knew what was wrong, but we were powerless to help," Kraft wrote.

"The administration's policy of separating children from their families as they attempt to cross into the United States without documentation is not only needless and cruel, it threatens the mental and physical health of both the children and their caregivers," the American Psychological Association said in a statementJodi Berger Cardoso, an assistant professor of social work at the University of Houston, researches the effects of trauma on immigrants and their children.

"What they are doing to these children and parents is inhumane," Cardoso told Business Insider. "If we just look at the research evidence, anyone can see that these tactics will have long-term consequences for children and families." Dr. Lisa Fortuna, medical director for child and adolescent psychiatry at Boston Medical Center, told Business Insider that "in situations of stress, the only way that children can cope is if they have a caregiver with them that's taking care of them and that's there to protect them." The removal of a caregiver can create acute distress that harms a child's ability to cope and self-soothe, which can lead to depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In vulnerable developing brains, that can be especially harmful.
Separating immigrant kids and parents has lasting psychological impact - Business Insider
The Nasty Guy in the Nasty Party..

Quote:The New York Times reported President Donald Trump's "zero-tolerance" policy that separates families at the US-Mexico border was the work of White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller. Miller pushed the policy to fruition after March's increase in illegal immigration, which Trump touted as a top priority in his 2016 campaign. The policy has drawn criticism from lawmakers in and outside of the Trump administration. The hard line Miller described echoes how the policy was announced last month by Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a deterrence measure. "If you don't like that, then don't smuggle children over our border," Sessions said.
Stephen Miller convinced Trump to enact the 'zero-tolerance' policy - Business Insider

How do you come up with stuff like this, and then Sessions defending it with a Bible quote..
Quote:The Trump administration has repeatedly denied that its policy is to separate children from their parents when families cross the US border illegally. But its own internal documents contradict that. The Department of Homeland Security's website put out a press release on Friday saying it would separate children from their families. A "zero tolerance" policy from Attorney General Jeff Sessions mandates that anyone illegally crossing the border be treated like a criminal.
Trump policy is separating children from their families at the border - Business Insider

Let's be clear about this:
  • The Trump administration separates asylum seeking families from their children which are already traumatized.
  • So they traumatize children in order to act as a deterrent to adults who also might want to escape violent home countries like Honduras.
  • So they traumatize children in order to serve as a bargaining chip in the negotiations to arrive at a new comprehensive immigration policy.
  • So they traumatize children and then blame others for it.
How NASTY can you get??
They are even NASTIER than you think:

Quote:Undocumented kids in custody at the border think they’re getting help when they talk with a social worker or clinical psychologist, but what they say is often used to keep them in detention longer or even deport them, lawyers who work with these children say. “They’ll encourage the kids to open up and disclose, but those notes are not protected by HIPAA or privacy law,” said Nithya Nathan, an attorney and senior program director for the Detained Children’s Program. “It’s our experience [kids] have a really limited understanding of where that information goes and how it can be used.”
Family separation: confidential therapist records can be used against undocumented kids - Vox

Denials, until they can't deny no more..

Quote:An interview from 2017 has resurfaced in which John Kelly, then the secretary of homeland security, suggested the separation of families could help deter illegal immigration. The White House is now being blasted over the separation of migrant families.

Amid the public outcry, the Trump administration has falsely attempted to blame Democrats for the policy and has even denied the policy exists. On Sunday, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen tweeted: "We do not have a policy of separating families at the border. Period." But less than 24 hours later, she defended the administration's immigration policies and said children who had been detained were being "well taken care of."
Kelly proposed family separation to deter illegal immigration in 2017 - Business Insider

And let's not forget..

Quote:Dr. Colleen Kraft, the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, on Monday told "CBS This Morning" the separation of families at the border amounted to a "form of child abuse."
Kelly proposed family separation to deter illegal immigration in 2017 - Business Insider

Quote:The desperate sobbing of 10 Central American children, separated from their parents one day last week by immigration authorities at the border, makes for excruciating listening. Many of them sound like they're crying so hard, they can barely breathe. They scream "Mami" and "Papá" over and over again, as if those are the only words they know. The baritone voice of a Border Patrol agent booms above the crying. "Well, we have an orchestra here," he jokes. "What's missing is a conductor."
Audio inside detention facility records children wailing for parents - Business Insider
And this from Scaramucci, Trump's former communication's director

Quote:The mixed messages were one of the factors fueling criticism from even Trump loyalists like Scaramucci.  “You can’t simultaneously argue that family separation isn’t happening, that it’s being used as a deterrent, that the Bible justifies it and that it’s @TheDemocrats fault. @POTUS is not being served well by his advisors on this issue,” Scaramucci tweeted on Monday afternoon.
The Memo: Child separation crisis risks ‘Katrina moment’ for Trump | TheHill

Quote:Border Patrol officers have apparently been telling parents that they’re just taking their kids away to bathe, only for the parents to realize hours later the kids are never coming back. This is the exact same thing concentration camp guards told people before being taken to gas chambers to stop them from panicking, which has led to a lot of Nazi comparisons in the press.
Jeff Sessions and Laura Ingraham try and fail to rebut Nazi comparisons - Vox
And here is why it's the Nasty Party:

Quote:Sixty-six percent of voters — including 91 percent of Democrats and 68 percent of independents — told Quinnipiac they opposed the policy. Whites with college degrees were likelier than non-college whites to oppose the policy, and young people of all races were likelier to oppose it than old people. Women were likelier to oppose the policy than men, and black and Hispanic Americans were more likely to oppose it than whites (though a large majority of whites still oppose the policy). But by a large, 20-point (55 percent to 35 percent) margin, Republicans supported the policy:
Family separation at the border: Trump’s policy is very unpopular — except among Republicans - Vox

The policy is the separation of children from their parents at the border.

And then there is this guy..

Quote:Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is refusing to apologize for mocking the story of a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome being separated from her family.  Asked on Fox News on Wednesday if he'd like to apologize, Lewandowski doubled down, asking, "an apology? I owe an apology to the children whose parents are putting them in a position that is forcing them to be separated."
Corey Lewandowski refuses to apologize for mocking disabled child separated from family | TheHill

Quote:Wednesday morning, despite the video evidence, Lewandowski tweeted that reports he mocked the girl’s plight was “fake news.” (He also said the policies causing children to be separated from their parents was started under Obama, a lie.)
Lewandowski refuses to apologize for mocking 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome taken from her mom – ThinkProgress

Can these guys get away with anything?
Quote:Steve Schmidt is a prominent GOP strategist; he was a senior adviser to Sen. John McCain’s 2008 campaign and a former George W. Bush staffer. He ran Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reelection bid in California. On Wednesday, he renounced his membership in the Republican Party — because of President Donald Trump’s policy of forced family separations at the US-Mexico border. In a series of scathing tweets Wednesday morning, Schmidt denounced the Republican party for being “corrupt, indecent, and immoral” and “fully the party of Trump,” adding that he would be voting with the Democratic Party from now on — “the only party left in America that stands for what is right and decent and remains fidelitous to our Republic, objective truth, the rule of law and our Allies,” he writes.
Family separations: top GOP strategist leaves Republican Party over Trump’s border policy - Vox

And he really unloads in a series of tweets
And if everything else fails, then there is always this..

Quote:In the flourishing world of baseless conspiracy theories, this one, part hoax, part smear, has been having its moment. The idea that people whose experiences speak to some of the consequences of government policies are not to be taken at face value, and are actually “crisis actors” working for a nefarious purpose, has taken on particular prominence in the wake of mass shootings, such as those in Newtown, Conn., and Parkland, Fla.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter on Sunday became the latest figure to spread a similar claim, as a guest on a Fox News show, when she charged that some of the migrant children who have been photographed in varying stages of distress were “child actors,” in a bit of messaging she directed at President Trump. These child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7 right now; do not fall for it, Mr. President,” she said, staring directly into the camera. “I get very nervous about the president getting his news from TV.”
Ann Coulter to Trump: Migrant children are ‘child actors’ - The Washington Post

How low can these people sink??
And indeed, it's a form of hostage taking:

Quote:A senior Texas official blasts the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy in a new interview, comparing it to a child being "kidnapped." “Without any authority to do that … the child is taken by force,” Maureen Franco, the director of a federal public defender’s office in western Texas that covers much of the southern border, told The Guardian in a report published Wednesday.  Franco called the unlawful misdemeanor that undocumented migrants are routinely charged with after illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border a “petty defense.” “They are taking children away from their parents for the equivalent of a traffic ticket,” Franco told the publication, further comparing the effects of the controversial policy to a “cattle call.”  Franco argued that parents who are separated from their children until they are proven guilty of illegally crossing the border is akin to punishment before due process. The senior official said that some parents have pleaded guilty in the hopes of being reunited with their kids faster.
Texas official compares Trump family separation policy to kidnapping | TheHill

The cruelty just keeps piling up:

Quote:An immediate concern for families, attorneys and advocates will be whether or not the government includes a system to reunite families in the executive order. There is currently no system in place to reunite families, including those where the parents have already been deported while the children are held in US government custody. Kids in Need of Defense (Kind), which has been working with separated children, said as recently as 12 June it had met with a two-year-old who was separated from her father in March. The father was deported within a month, but as of 12 June, the girl was still in the custody of the US government. They are also advocating for a four-year-old who was separated upon entry in Dec 2017. The father was deported and the daughter was still in custody as of 12 June.

Advocates and attorneys are extremely concerned that there is no system for families to be reunited. John Sandweg, who led the immigration enforcement agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice), from 2013 to 2014, has told reporters he expects hundreds of separated children will never be reunited with their parents. “Permanent separation. It happens,” Sandweg told NBC News. Separated adults are quickly being sent to immigration court, where they could be deported. Children, meanwhile, are low priority for immigration courts and may have to wait years before their case is heard. “You could easily end up in a situation where the gap between a parent’s deportation and a child’s deportation is years,” Sandweg said.
Donald Trump to end his family separation policy – live updates | US news | The Guardian
And then there is the President and his son, blaming everybody but..

Quote:Trump retweeted his son Eric Trump, who wrote: “It is hard to believe that the historic North Korea / Kim Jong Un summit was exactly one week ago. Truly amazing to see the lengths the left / the media will go through to change the narrative.”
Donald Trump to end his family separation policy – live updates | US news | The Guardian

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