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The ethical party..
Quote:Bucking leaders such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, Republicans voted in a conference meeting on Monday to reduce the authority of the Office of Congressional Ethics, a 2008 panel created by House Democrats who felt that the House Ethics Committee was not fulfilling its duty to hold members accountable.

The new rules would eliminate the OCE's spokesperson, its ability to investigate anonymous tips, its ability to alert law enforcement if has identified a crime, and its authority to publicly release allegations of wrongdoing, a mandate which the formal House Ethics Committee does not have. On Tuesday, Scarborough argued that President-elect Donald Trump should oppose the move, thereby honoring his campaign promise to clean up Washington selfishness and corruption.
Scarborough blasts GOP decision to gut ethics office - Business Insider

But they hastily retreated after a Trump tweet, although we're not sure whether Trump really is the guy to lecture anyone on ethics..

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