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Ryan's strategy
Quote:A really open convention occurs when you have two candidates who are very close in the delegate count, (roughly 100-150 apart), who are also irreconcilable camps who will never agree to support one another. Things then become "open" when it becomes clear to the delegates that a compromise candidate has to be found that both sides can at least begrudgingly support. We haven't really seen a truly brokered GOP convention since 1920, when the Republicans settled on Ohio Senator Warren Harding as the nominee. Harding entered the convention a distant fourth in the delegate race. But when whisker close frontrunners Gen. Leonard Wood and Illinois Governor Frank Lowden couldn't agree to support one another, their delegates settled on Harding after 10 dramatic ballots. Harding went on to a resounding victory in November.

The lesson here is that truly brokered conventions have three key elements: two very close front-runners, irreconcilable camps, and an eventual compromise nominee. Anything that doesn't have those three elements is not really a brokered convention.
Forget Trump. Paul Ryan is the likely GOP nominee—commentary

So now that balloon has been deflated as well, what's up with Ryan? Well..

Quote:Take a moment and imagine that this garbage fire of an election is over. It's January 2017, President Hillary Clinton is being inaugurated, and House Speaker Paul Ryan has become by far the most powerful figure in the Republican Party simply by continuing to sit where he is while all his rivals set themselves on fire. By early next year, Ryan could be the only prominent establishment Republican whose reputation has not been destroyed through loss to Trump, supplication to Trump, defeat in a Senate race because Donald Trump is losing a landslide at the top of the ticket, or some other similarly horrible fate.

Alternatively, if Ted Cruz manages to grab the Republican nomination, Ryan would start 2017 in an even stronger position. Cruz would also lose badly to Clinton, the other non-Trump candidates for the nomination would still be humiliated, Senate Republicans would be pointing fingers at each other about who lost the majority, and Ryan wouldn't need to compete with Cruz for the role of Republican standard-bearer after the election. With the leadership of an entire political party about to fall into his lap through the self-destruction of everyone around him, Ryan realizes that he needs to start now on articulating a vision of what Republicans should do next, lest somebody else do it for him. We've all seen what's happened since 2012, when Mitt Romney shocked Republicans by losing and nobody stepped into the vacuum with compelling instructions for the party about what to do next.
What Paul Ryan is up to with shadow campaign - Business Insider

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