Full Version: Moderate or not, Kasich isn't liked by many
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Quote:Unlike Trump and Cruz, Kasich has more temperate stances on immigration and social issues, which are less likely to turn off moderates, independents, minorities and young voters. National polls currently show him beating Hillary Clinton in November. He is the governor of a crucial swing state. And the upbeat, inclusive manner Kasich has exhibited on the campaign trail may be the only balm for a bitterly divided Republican electorate.  

Perhaps just as important, conservatives — particularly in the G.O.P. commentariat — do not see Kasich as one of them. No one questioned his fiscal austerity back in 1995, when Newt Gingrich, the speaker of the House, named him chairman of the House Budget Committee. But that was a generation ago. As Ben Domenech, publisher of the conservative web publication The Federalist, observes: “Kasich had the benefit of being in Congress at a unique moment, when the economic boom during the Clinton years allowed him to do what he did. It’s not at all relatable to where we are now.”

As governor, Kasich expanded Medicaid benefits in his state, against the wishes of a Republican-controlled Legislature. He also embraced Common Core educational standards and today favors a guest-worker program for illegal immigrants. All of these constitute apostasies to movement conservatives. But there’s a third layer of resistance to Kasich, one with which Cruz can identify: Many Beltway Republicans don’t like him. I asked the candidate about this a few months ago. “Look, when you balance budgets, you aggravate a lot of people,” he told me. “When you take on tough issues, you’re going to make enemies. And they just wait in the shadows to take a whack at you. But over time, I find when I go back to Washington, there’s respect for what I did as a leader.” No doubt Chairman Kasich’s strict budgets made life unpleasant for a few lobbyists. But so did his demeanor — which, D.C. veterans say, was often sanctimonious and rude.
Why the Republican Establishment Doesn’t Like John Kasich - The New York Times

So the party got the whole machinery oiled for unleashing Voodoo economics on the US at large, a whole propaganda machinery, think tanks that start with the conclusions and work backwards, TV channels that leave most of the unwelcome news out, host of dark money which has basically free reign, everything but the simple selection method of the right candidate to win the Presidency..